We live in an awesome place in the country and love every minute of it, the only possible drawback being that our Internet bandwidth is not what it used to be 😉 . We can’t complain though, even Netflix works, but downloading big files (such as a linux dristrib) is almost impossible. Eventually, we realized […]

I use Dropbox to sync, among other things, many of my application and profile settings (.bashrc files for example or Sublime Text preferences). I wanted to synchronize these same files with my Debian server even though it does not have a graphical interface installed. Good news, it’s possible. Yes, Dropbox rocks ! How to Download […]

Overview The goal of this walk through is to install SimpleSAML twice to work on a SAML authentication between two systes. We could have an application on one side using SimpleSAML SP and a LDAP, AD, CAS, etc plugged in SimpleSAML configure as an IdP. Installation of Simple SAML (1) Download simplesaml. Untar the package […]

Piwik is an open source Google Analytics like tool. Normally, it works by setting up piwik and adding a tracking code (JS or PHP or any code able to call the API) to record your site’s or app’s usage. Another option is to use piwik to analyze your webserver’s logs to generate tracking infos for […]

Livebox and Freebox are DSL box provided by Orange and Free Internet providers to their customers in France. These  boxes allow their owners to connect to the Internet (DSL), create a home network (router, wifi access point), make Voice Over IP calls and watch TV. They are known in France as “quadruple play boxes” and […]

I have been on a the lookout for tools to help me validate source code quality for PHP. Since PHP isn’t compile, a lot of errors which would be detected by a compiler are not found until runtime. And some errors won’t be revealed runtime in a specific context. I already know and use PHPUnit […]

 I upgraded to OS X Lion on release day (I’m more of a geek all the time) and I was very confused with iCal. It immediatly appeared that all the events I created were now set to “all day” by default and I found this very annoying (they used to be set for the default […]

In case you are sharing a disk over network and you want it to be available on your Mac automatically at boot up, you can have it auto mount at login. Go to System Preferences > Users & Groups. Make sure your user is selected on the left and go to the Login Items tab […]

A quick note on how to share a USB drive over your private network (Network Attached Storage) using a router running on the DD-WRT firmware. Needless to say, your router needs to have a USB port for this feature to be enabled in the firmware. Plug the drive in your router USB port and turn […]

I happen to know an American in Paris. Expats have a wide range of specific problems that most people don’t really ever worry over, for example : how do you teach a child two languages (hoping the child won’t mix them up) do you have to declare/pay taxes in your country of origin ? which […]

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