I upgraded to Lion and everything went fine. Just a minor – known – issue with MySQL server as installed by the Zend Server Community Edition. I already wrote about solving the mysql error which prevents the server from starting. Researching this again, I found more information about it. Whether running on OS X or […]

I wanted to change the location of my SQL databases in order for them to be in my user’s home folder (that way, my databases would be portable as I travel with my user’s home folder). By default, when you install mySQL on OS X, everything is located at /usr/local/mysql and the data folder (the […]

One of the thing I wanted to do with the iPad was to watch movies on the go (remember the last time you flew transatlantic and you had to watch The Karate Kid ?…) At this point, I had no Movies, nor TV Shows in my iTunes so I am really starting from scratch here. […]

From what I understand, the Picasa application on Windows enables the download of all the photos contained in a given album but that isn’t the case on Mac. In addition, some prefer not to install the Picasa Desktop application for Mac and it shouldn’t be necessary to do so just to download pictures. There is […]

About a year and a half ago, the price of Hard Drives (and their size) suddenly made it possible for us to imagine having most of our content (music, DVDs) archived on Hard Drives and easily accessible across devices. As it turns out, we are still in the process of importing some of our CDs […]

Today, I was tempted to take control of a Windows machine remotely in console mode as I’m trying to script the launch and use of VLC. A quick Google search reveleaed the existence of the sshwindows project which is a more lightweight solution than a full cygwin installation. Here are the installation steps : Download […]

The problem : The problem is famous : how to keep multiple computers in sync in order to have access to our data no matter where we are, no matter which computer we are using. It isn’t the first time I wonder about how to improve this aspect of my computer setup and I must […]

On tuesday this week, my iMac started acting up. It would boot successfully, run normally for a while but sometimes hang from 20 to 60 seconds in a row with the spinning beach ball cursor. I quickly identified two things : hangs would occur when launching apps or triggering the launcher (spotlight, Alfred) which meant […]

Recently, I was given a Virtual Machine development appliance to work with. The machine was running Debian which I like but it had been installed in French which I … dislike. First, I find Debian to be not so well translated and I’d rather use it in English. Second, I use qwerty keyboards so the […]

As I understand, this post might soon be outdated if the next version of Virtual Box does manage to natively run VMWare Player appliances. Still, this version hasn’t be released yet and, since the VMWare Player doesn’t exist for OS X, I had to convert an appliance from VMWare player to Virtual Box. Here are […]

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