There are a few things I always do when setting up a new system running Debian: I install the bash-completion, I set up my terminal colors, enable coloration in vi/vim and other little improvements. In order to make my next setup much easier and save some time, I gather the necessary steps in this post. […]

This was my first assignment for 2011 and I used this blog post as a precious reference. I assume that, at this point, SSH server and Apache are already installed and running. Let’s start : Install the SVN packages aptitude install subversion aptitude install libapache2-svn Create a repository for your project(s) mkdir /var/subversion svnadmin create […]

Working with Windwos users on my SVN repository, I needed to upgrade SVN to match with their Tortoise version. Here are the steps to do so: add the line below to /etc/apt/sources.list 1deb lenny-backports main contrib non-free get the public key from lenny-backports running the following command 1wget -O – | apt-key add […]

I use three different small backup drives as three backup volumes. I turn them on on sunday, the backup scripts runs overnight, and I turn them off on monday morning. I’ve shared the backup script in a previous post. The problem is that the backup script ┬ástarts by mounting the backup drives. It expects them […]

Two days ago, I ran into a strange problem with my email server which refused to send any more emails. It turned out my hard drive was full… I started by emptying the tmp directory and running aptitude clean and aptitude autoclean but that wasn’t enough to free enough space to allow me to breathe […]

While Debian boots, several warning, error or information messages appear and quickly disappear from the screen. If you wish to log these messages in order to consult them later on, you need to enable the bootlog by editing a single configuration file. 1vi /etc/default/bootlogd The file should say something like 1BOOTLOGD_ENABLE=No Simply ,change it to […]

I have setup Subsonic on my server last week as a standalone applicaiton. That means that Subsonic runs its own webserver. The only drawback of this method of deployment is that, to access the application, I had to type http://<subsonic server>:8080. To access Subsonic while using port 80, I enabled the mod_proxy and added a […]

Today (or yesterday as I write), Debian Lenny was released. If you with to upgrade, the procedure is as follow: Edit /etc/apt/sources.list and replace all occurences of “etch” by “lenny” run apt-get update or aptitude update run aptitude upgrade run aptitude dist-upgrade The little discovery I made tonight was that apt needed keys to update […]

Scanning for virus

October 24, 2008 | Leave a Comment

So now we have a backup system archiving our valuable data weekly. The problem is, these data come from different computers running different OS, some of them also come from friend’s computers or even the World Wide Web. The problem is that we can not guarantee that these files are virus free. But at least, […]

Backup system

October 18, 2008 | 4 Comments

In the Spring, our DV camera died on us. As for most electronic devices, it was not worth fixing, so we saved money and got a new Canon DV Camera and started filming show openings again for various artists. Last month, we also returned from our holidays in America with something like 2000 new pictures. […]

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