In Sublime Text, go to Preferences -> Browse packages. Go to the PHP folder and create an empty file PHP.sublime-build. Edit this file and enter : 12345{ "cmd": ["php", "-l", "$file"], "selector": "source.php", "file_regex": "^Parse error: .* in (.*?) on line ([0-9]*)" } Now, when editing a .php file, press Cmd+B to run php-l on […]

After working with SAML (ADFS and SimpleSAML) these past few months, I’m now testing CAS Server. Here is how to install CAS Server on OS X for developers needing to integrate an app with such an auth. system. First, we need Tomcat : 1brew install tomcat Now, we will need the JAVA mysql connector. Download […]

Today, I was needing to use the Tumblr API which PHP class uses the php-oauth extension. So, before I could get started with Tumblr itself, I had to set a few tings up : Install Pear : 123curl -O sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar Once the pear install script starts, I decided to place […]

I use Geek Tool and enjoy displaying the day’s todos and other information right on my desktop. I wanted to display my upcoming Reminders (those I have fun creating with Siri) but didn’t want the future ones showing up. With some inspiration from this script, I came up with the following gist : 12345678910111213141516171819202122232425262728293031323334353637tell application "Reminders" […]

<myLife>While boyfriend is busy ripping and sorting our CDs into an amazing music collection, I try and reduce our DVD collections to a reasonable amount of shelves. In the end, it should fit on a large amount of 2Gb hard drives and I’ll stack discs in the attic.</myLife> To make my ripping job easier, I […]

Just a quick quick how to on this (my drive is the Samsung SE-S084F) Download the firmware [see all :] Download the flash tool Open the flash tool, load the modified firmware and run the tool, reboot Use DVD Info X to make sure your drive is region free Use Region X to change DVD zones time […]

After four years of intense use, I decided to renew my iMac this year, when the new great looking, super slim, incredibly fast, shiny new iMac 27 arrived, I decided to not carry all my stuff over at once but take the time to reinstall what I used the most and leave most of my […]

We live in an awesome place in the country and love every minute of it, the only possible drawback being that our Internet bandwidth is not what it used to be 😉 . We can’t complain though, even Netflix works, but downloading big files (such as a linux dristrib) is almost impossible. Eventually, we realized […]

12wget sudo ./go-pear.phar The installer shows you a list of suggested path (in my case, they were all prefixed with the path to my user’s home directory). I didn’t agree with the suggested solution. To modify this : I chose [1] and changed the path prefix to /usr/local/pear and continued installation. Next, I edited […]

That’s it, I have switched away from the flag ship text editor of all web dev running OS X. Why ? I gave Sublime Text 2 a try after upgrading to Lion. With Lion, Textmate started acting quirky. I had display bugs when closing a tab sometimes. At first, I did’t care much for Sublime’s […]

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