These past two months, I’ve helped two people start a tumblr blog. One of them is just a place for my daughter’s day care to share pictures of children with the parents. For obvious reasons, this blog is private. Tumblr is simple to use and the day care had no problem posting their photos and […]

Today, I was needing to use the Tumblr API which PHP class uses the php-oauth extension. So, before I could get started with Tumblr itself, I had to set a few tings up : Install Pear : 123curl -O sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar Once the pear install script starts, I decided to place […]

12wget sudo ./go-pear.phar The installer shows you a list of suggested path (in my case, they were all prefixed with the path to my user’s home directory). I didn’t agree with the suggested solution. To modify this : I chose [1] and changed the path prefix to /usr/local/pear and continued installation. Next, I edited […]

I have been on a the lookout for tools to help me validate source code quality for PHP. Since PHP isn’t compile, a lot of errors which would be detected by a compiler are not found until runtime. And some errors won’t be revealed runtime in a specific context. I already know and use PHPUnit […]

That’s it, I have switched away from the flag ship text editor of all web dev running OS X. Why ? I gave Sublime Text 2 a try after upgrading to Lion. With Lion, Textmate started acting quirky. I had display bugs when closing a tab sometimes. At first, I did’t care much for Sublime’s […]

The plugin used on the homepage of this blog to display featured articles is called Related Posts with Thumbs. It will display the last X posts published in a given category. For flexibility, I created a categoruy called “Editorial” for the posts which should be displayed with the plugin. Plugins are wonderful little additions that […]

Here’s a quick code snipet allowing to parse some content (a string), detect the URLs it can contain and make them clickable links. The method uses preg_replace and a regular expression to detect URLs. 123function detectLinks($content) { return preg_replace(’/\s((http|https|ftp|ftps)\:\/\/[a-zA-Z0-9\-\.\/]+\.[a-zA-Z\/]{2,3}(\/\S*)?)/’, ‘<a href="${1}">${1}</a>’, $content); }   Let’s test this snipet by doing : 12$content = "This is […]

The YouTube API allows a user to retrieve a lot of information about an user’s profile and his videos (his uploads, his favorite videos). For each of these videos, it also allows to retrieve a lot of information like duration, keywords, comments and trackbacks… These information are accessible without the need of an API key. […]

This post aims to explain how to compile a PHP extension for ZendServer CE on Mac OS X based on my experience with the memcache extension. As it turns out, the memcache extension included in ZendServer CE 5.0.4 is version 2.2.5 which doesn’t work with the latest version of the memcached server insatlled by macposts […]

Memcached if a free and open source distributed memory object caching system. It is used by web applications to lower database load by caching data in a key-value format for faster retrieval. If you happen to develop on Mac OS X, you can easily setup a development memcached server locally using MacPorts. 1sudo port install […]

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