Warning : personal life and rant in this post, keep reading at your own risk. I open Zite once a day and flip through the latest Programming, Movies and Tech news. This evening – again – I captured a glimpse of an article title something like “Steve Jobs was right: the iPad killed the notebook”. […]

About a year and a half ago, the price of Hard Drives (and their size) suddenly made it possible for us to imagine having most of our content (music, DVDs) archived on Hard Drives and easily accessible across devices. As it turns out, we are still in the process of importing some of our CDs […]

Today, I was tempted to take control of a Windows machine remotely in console mode as I’m trying to script the launch and use of VLC. A quick Google search reveleaed the existence of the sshwindows project which is a more lightweight solution than a full cygwin installation. Here are the installation steps : Download […]

I had to use Git on Windows to work with my own sharpOauth library on a Microsoft environment while working on my Office Addin. I used the following tutorial by nathanj as a reference. Here are the steps I followed download and install putty in c:\program files\putty download and install msysgit. I picked the package […]

I’ve been working with .Net lately for bluekiwi on a full Microsoft environment as I am working on a Microsoft addin. Since my work also included an open source library, I was curious how this library could be used on Mac OS X. That lead me to test Mono, “an open source, cross-platform, implementation of […]

I frequently use Mac OS X, Windows XP and Linux (Debian, KDE4). I have a MacBook which I use by default to browse the Internet, answer email, etc. I turn on my desktop computer and run Linux if I’m about to edit a video. If I am about to code a little something from home, […]

Il arrive souvent de souhaiter personnaliser son installation de Windows XP, de se debarasser du petit chien qui nous accompagne dans la recherche par exemple, ou encore, d’utiliser un theme visuel non developpe par Microsoft. A la longue, toutes ces modifications peuvent avoir un impact sur la stabilite du systeme.Pour faire marche arriere, et remplacer […]

Debian, par defaut, purge automatiquement le repertoire /tmp au reboot de la machine. Ayant pris l’habitude de ce comportement sous Linux, je l’ai reproduis sur mon installation de Windows XP. Pour cela, il faut tout d’abord creer le script que j’ai appele “flushTmpFolder.bat”. Celuic-ci a pour contenu : 12@echo off del f:\tmp\*.* /q /s Puis, […]

Pour executer les manipulations detaillees dans mon post precedent concernant le deplacement du repertoire Documents and Settings, il faut etre capable de se loguer avec le compte Administrateur. Pour cela, deux choses a savoir : pour se loguer avec le compte administrateur alors qu’il est inactif (par defaut), il suffit, une fois sur l’ecran de […]

On peut souhaiter deplacer son repertoire Documents and Settings pour separer – a la Unix – ses fichiers personnels des fichiers systemes, ou encore, pour les placer sur un partage reseau… Pour cela, il faudra d’abord copier le dit repertoire puis editer sa base de registre. Commencons : Creer un compte administrateur temporaire Se deloguer […]

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