Just a quick note on how to achieve the following purpose. Say you have a 3 months old baby and your mother sends you a 3 month old birthday ecard. Say you wish to download the animation of that ecard and share it on the blog you keep for your family and close friends. I […]

The plugin used on the homepage of this blog to display featured articles is called Related Posts with Thumbs. It will display the last X posts published in a given category. For flexibility, I created a categoruy called “Editorial” for the posts which should be displayed with the plugin. The problem was : I didn’t […]

Recently, I’ve been working on a Microsoft addin allowing users to post to bluekiwi from Microsoft Office. I liked the feature myself and discovered Microsoft Office also enabled publishing to WordPress and set out looking for such a solution for OpenOffice.org. Sun Weblog Publisher seems to be the extension to do just that and here […]

World Gone Web hacked

January 8, 2011 | 3 Comments

On Monday morning, I received an email from Google Webmaster Tools letting me know that my WordPress blog had been hacked and was temporarily blacklisted. Users accessing my blog using Google Chrome or Firefox were advised to stay away for safety. I appreciate Google’s notification of this problem as well as their concern (and Mozilla’s) […]

First, I must confess that I like trying software out. That’s probably how I ended up having some many accounts with so many services and having a Tumblelog AND a WordPress blog. Since this blog is not running on wordpress.com, it is for me to remember and backup my database and files from time to […]

A very quick post to list the languages supported by Code Colorer which I use on this blog. Everytime I write I find myself wondering which language is supported and how I should write it out for the plugin to work so here it is, for the record: ABAP ActionScript ActionScript 3.0 Ada Apache AppleScript […]

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