These past two months, I’ve helped two people start a tumblr blog. One of them is just a place for my daughter’s day care to share pictures of children with the parents. For obvious reasons, this blog is private. Tumblr is simple to use and the day care had no problem posting their photos and […]

Today, I was needing to use the Tumblr API which PHP class uses the php-oauth extension. So, before I could get started with Tumblr itself, I had to set a few tings up : Install Pear : 123curl -O sudo php -d detect_unicode=0 go-pear.phar Once the pear install script starts, I decided to place […]

The YouTube API allows a user to retrieve a lot of information about an user’s profile and his videos (his uploads, his favorite videos). For each of these videos, it also allows to retrieve a lot of information like duration, keywords, comments and trackbacks… These information are accessible without the need of an API key. […]

Recently, I’ve been working on a Microsoft addin allowing users to post to bluekiwi from Microsoft Office. I liked the feature myself and discovered Microsoft Office also enabled publishing to WordPress and set out looking for such a solution for Sun Weblog Publisher seems to be the extension to do just that and here […]

A recent project at work lead me to develop a lightweight C# Oauth Consumer class to call an OAuth API from a Microsoft Office addin. Oauth is “an open protocol to allow secure API authorization in a simple and standard method from desktop and web applications”. A lot of documentation, and the specification, about the […]

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